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Cath [userpic]

Partially Friends Only

October 10th, 2037 (03:45 am)

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gif animation

Cath [userpic]

(no subject)

December 28th, 2011 (07:02 pm)

current location: Germany, Hesse, Bebra

I hope everybody had a great and relaxing Christmas. :)

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Cath [userpic]

Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2007 (01:26 pm)

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current song: my dad on the phone

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

I know it is late, but here it is just 1:30pm and we only get the presents tomorrow.
It doesn't even feel like Christmas, because no Christmas-feeling and everything has to be last minute! *gah*

Cath [userpic]

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 30th, 2007 (03:57 pm)
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current mood: ecstatic
current song: ESPN2 WWC Report

The german women won the Soccer World Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *yeah*
It was such a great game! They outscored Brazil! In the first half, no team shot a goal, but in the second half the Germans shot 2 goals. Brazil didn't shot a goal! Isn't that great?
The first goal was shot by Birgit Prinz and the second was shot by Simone Laudehr. It was such an amazing game to watch. And Nadine Angerer was such an amazing goalkeeper! She held everything and didn't allow a goal!
Now the Germans won the World Championship trophy the second time in a row! Let's see what 2011 brings! =)

Cath [userpic]

A bunch of Icons

July 22nd, 2007 (10:09 pm)

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current mood: creative
current song: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hey guys! I've just created a bunch of new icons.
I hope you like them.

*comments are love
*do not use for further editing
*please credit cath_fan 

20 Crossing Jordan
19 Harry Potter
12 Numb3rs


Cath [userpic]

I need your help!

July 19th, 2007 (08:38 pm)
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current mood: excited
current song: Mein neues Leben *lol*

So guys. I need your help.
You know that I'm gonna be leaving Monday in 3 weeks. I'm heading for New York and they have spring, summer, fall and winter. So I need to take clothes for all those seasons. What else should I take with me? Do you have any ideas? Please let me know what you think! Thanks! *hugs*

Cath [userpic]


July 14th, 2007 (11:54 am)

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current mood: happy
current song: Pink - Dear Mr. President

I got my notebook back! It is faster and more quiet than before. But there are still some little bugs. I hope I don't have to remove everything. But I'll see.
It's so good to have my own keyboard again, because I couldn't really deal with my parent's one. That was so weird. *bah*

Cath [userpic]

ABI Streich

June 27th, 2007 (04:53 pm)
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current mood: hyper
current song: Avril Lavigne - Sk8ter Boy

Our Abi Streich was such a success! It was so cool! Our theme was James Bond (007), because this was perfect! We just "kidnapped" our headmaster and we put him into a cage on the stage (he did it voluntarily). =) The other teachers had to be trained as double 0 agents. This was done by funny tasks like a bobby car race and other fun stuff. They were supposed to save their headmaster after the teachers finished their training as an agent.
Some teachers haven't been there, because they were cowards! *looks angry*
We also had media support. We had to beamers which displayed the videos on a movie screen. These videos have been some self filmed commercials, self filmed Bond stories and some scenes out of Bond movies.
Everybody, the students and the teachers, were impressed by our Abi Streich and the teachers told us that this will be remembered for a long time and that it will be very difficult for the next "generations" to be better than we were. Even our headmaster thanked us for this Abi Streich, which he has never done with any "generation" before us! That was totally amazing. There were even people who don't attend our school anymore. They were just there to watch us joking with the teachers and they told us that they have never seen anything like this before. This has been the best Abi Streich for a long time! XD
I know, that it is not good to praise oneself, but we were really good! *lol*

Cath [userpic]

Parents coming back tomorrow

June 25th, 2007 (11:55 am)

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current mood: lazy
current song: The Beauty and the Beast - Home

My parents are coming back tomorrow night. One day earlier as I expected them to come... It was such a great time being all by myself. =)

Yesterday, I was in Lispenhausen, a little village nearby. There was a soccer game between the traditional team (Traditionsmannschaft) of Eintracht Frankfurt and a team of amateur players from Lispenhausen and surroundings. They all had to be above fourty, because the guys from Eintracht Frankfurt were in that age, too. It was cool to watch. And I've never seen so many people on the soccer field. Of course Eintracht Frankfurt won the game. I mean they were technically so superior and everything.

Today, I have to clean up a bit. I mean, it is not messy around here, but you know. Parents come home and they want to find the apartment the way they left it. So, cleaning up.

This evening, we will have a class meeting. I'm looking forward to seeing whether our teacher comes or not. Last time he didn't arrive, but we had a lot of fun, although (or because) he wasn't there! ;-) We want to go to a Pizzeria. I've never been there before and I have never even heard of it before! *lol* The Pizzeria is in Bebra, which is about 6 km (~3,8 miles) and I don't know it.. XD

Cath [userpic]

Off to party!

June 23rd, 2007 (09:40 pm)
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current location: still home
current mood: awake
current song: Melanie Thornton - Love how you love me

So you guys, I'm off to party in a few minutes.
Today there is a party in the Hyppo, because we finished our A-levels. I hope there won't be a fray tonight, because it has happened before. *crossing fingers*
I hope we will have fun tonight and just can dance and drink a little bit!

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